Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life in Seattle

Having now been in Seattle for about three months, it seems so far away to think about me being back in California, still a student, and still in awe at the thought of the "real world." I find myself working at a cafe and wishing someone would hire me so I could do meaningful work and not have money always be an issue in terms of wanting to buy myself clothes, shoes, or in a couple of months, to begin paying off my student loans.

All of my friends encourage me to update this blog and I feel that I haven't updated in so long because I don't feel good enough to be a fashion/travel blogger. I love clothes, I love different cultures, and I love sharing all of the things that I love.

Something I do have to share is my new haircut. It's growing on me and maybe one day I will have a fun pixie cut.

I'll be working on taking more pictures of my days here in Seattle, and hopefully, with the help of some friends that live here... post pictures of me in my outfits.