Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter in Seattle

This is my first "real"post in months. I've been in Seattle since June and being a California girl, I have to confess that the winter has been killing me. Wearing 4-5 layers has become normal for me as today it was around 35 degrees. After having multiple failed attempts of hanging out, my friend Ellie and I were finally able to spend some time together. We met up at the International District and we had some Lavender Earl Grey tea at the infamous Panama Hotel. We later wandered around to different markets and roamed the chilly streets of Seattle.

I'm wearing my boyfriend's sweater, Target leggings, Isabel Marant wannabe wedged sneakers (hehe), a gifted Urban Outfitters scarf, and about 4 layers underneath the sweater.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a wonderful week!

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